Richmond For All Candidates Believe…

Richmond Public Schools (RPS) students deserve high quality public education and community schools that serve as neighborhood hubs, anchored by the stability of career educators, with an emphasis on civics, critical thinking and cultural diversity. RFA candidates support more funding for RPS, better communication with parents, and union collective bargaining rights for RPS teachers + staff.

Richmonders deserve the expansion of high quality public services. That is why RFA candidates support extending library hours, low cost, robust public transportation, defending and transforming public housing and increasing access to city green spaces. RFA candidates support people-first development designed to benefit all residents, especially long-term community members. We are committed to defeating policies that would price residents out of their own neighborhoods.

Richmonders deserve a city where Black Lives Matter, where the minimum wage is a livable wage, civilian review boards have subpoena power, and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. RFA candidates recognize that to pass these policies we must win the right to democratic self governance, free from corporate influence and top down limitations enforced by the state. RFA candidates run on small donor donations so that’s who they’re accountable to.

We’re building #ACityForAll! Join us.