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Our members are an inspiring body of organizers, families, workers, advocates, students, and residents fighting to ensure grassroots governance citywide. Together we’re taking our city back. When you choose to be coming a member you’ll sign up for monthly dues and then walk through the next steps.

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Richmond For All Member & Vol. Staff Pledge

I am committed to changing Richmond for the better. I believe in building an equitable and just city for all, where we will do more than survive, we will thrive. I am committed to supporting public institutions that benefit the many over the few. I believe in pro immigrant, pro black, pro LGBTQ, pro diversity policies. To achieve this end I will work to ensure that power is in the hands of the people, not special interests or corporations. I will support local electoral candidates endorsed by Richmond For All who best represent our policy platforms and ideals. I commit to be accountable to Richmond for All; to stand up, to speak up, to show up. To ensure that our campaigns and affirmed candidates have financial support I will actively contribute monthly dues of $2 or $12 as I am able. In action my work will center on: 

  • Fighting privatization of public resources
  • Contesting for power through municipal and state elections
  • Prioritizing policies that advance the needs of the working class
  • Advancing the work of an organization that is member-funded and member-led, unbought and unbossed

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Elect Progressives at the municipal and state levels!

In Viriginia, every year is an election year! Donate to the Richmond For All Action Fund to support the fight for progressive representation.

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Richmond For All is only possible through its supporters across Virginia and across the country. Progressives across the Commonwealth benefit from a strong member governed multi-issue organization standing up for justice.

Donations are non refundable. Please email if you have any questions.