RPS Cannot Return to In-Person Instruction by March 15th

Richmond For All’s Public Education Campaign Committee stands in solidarity with RPS workers, students, families, and communities in stating unequivocally that Richmond Public Schools cannot return to in-person instruction by March 15th. Decades of profound disinvestment have left our city’s schools without the essential resources necessary for a safe return: working sinks, sufficient nursing staff, sufficient janitorial staff, adequate ventilation, working windows, even simple needs like soap in every bathroom. Because federal and state leadership have promoted under-resourced and too-small public health responses, COVID continues to spread. While the state of our schools has been a public health crisis for some time, there is no reason to add to the suffering by forcing a return too early. Schools cannot solve public health problems on their own, and in the context of an ongoing pandemic, decaying facilities and understaffing are a threat to the lives of our workers and students and their families.

Read our full statement here.

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