Announcing Homeroom: Our New Public Education Blog!

Richmond For All’s Public Education Campaign Committee is excited to announce the formation of a new public education blog focused on Richmond and the surrounding counties, titled Homeroom. We are excited to add the voices of our members and stakeholders to Richmond’s independent media on public education. 

Homeroom will track preK-12 and higher education issues, as well as labor fights across our public sector workforce. To date Homeroom has tracked the fight for student-centered curriculum, COVID-19 data during school reopening, federal funding allocations for RPS schools, and the fight to keep an elected School Board in Richmond. 

Public Schools belong to all of us, and we want Homeroom to track issues that matter to every Richmonder. Do you have a story you’d like to tell? Want to pitch an article, interview, or other media for the blog? Reach out and share your ideas! We’ll be in touch. Just want to support this work? Donate to Richmond For All to keep projects like this alive, or join our membership

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