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Education for All

Public education is a pillar of democracy. Every child should have access to an excellent education, regardless of race, gender, ability, or household income. With fully funded schools all children can thrive in the classroom and become architectures of our collective future. Students should be supported in adapting socially and academically into their classrooms. Teachers should be supported in providing enriching education to all students. We demand an open budgetary process that engages the voices of parents, students, and teachers in school governance. We demand schools that meet community and student needs, without reliance on stringent discipline or student pushout.

Housing for All

Each of us has a right to safe and secure housing. Richmond’s history of disinvestment in public housing and mass evictions are legacies of systemic racism that deny Black residents their right to a city built by their ancestors. We demand reinvestment in safe public housing that will guarantee every household a right to housing during periods of crisis. We demand accessible public services and transportation for families and individuals in need. We demand protection for renters targeted by abusive eviction practices.

Justice for All

We recognize that in a truly just city no community should be asked to bear disproportionate risks to their health, wellness, or safety. No neighborhood should be exposed to disproportionate loss of safety, environmental risk, reduced health outcomes, concentrated policing, or lack of access to basic needs like food or transportation. We demand equitable access to sanctuary, health care, safe water, clean air, and infrastructure for every neighborhood across Richmond, without cutting corners in the name of cost or efficiency.

Democracy for All

Our elected leadership should serve the public, not special interests groups. For too long large corporations, their CEOs, and members of their boards have exerted undue influence over city and state governance through campaign donations and private funding initiatives. We demand elected officials willing to run elections without corporate support and who will commit to putting the needs of people over profit. We demand the state of Virginia fulfill the work of the civil rights era by fully enfranchising all voters by fighting voter disenfranchisement in all forms.

We are in crisis. Our spending reflects our values, and today Richmond’s spending priorities show unconscionable apathy to people most reliant on even basic services. When our residents campaign for schools, for housing, and for transportation, we are told that public coffers are empty. When wealthy donors propose the redistribution of public funds for high-cost and low-return development however, suddenly funds are not only available, but abundant.

– Richmond for All, “Put Kids Before Coliseums”

“We are working people, labor leaders, immigrants, students, long-time residents, homeowners, newcomers, people of color, multilingual, black, and educators.

We are your constituents. We are your neighbors. Amazon is not.”

– For Us, Not Amazon, “Letter to Arlington County Board Members”