Picket for Housing, Democracy, and Healthcare for All

As the Virginia legislature gavels in this Wednesday, we are joining working people statewide in demanding more from our state legislators! Join us with New Virginia Majority and Care in Action to tell your lawmakers what we need to build a Virginia that truly fights for Virginia’s multiracial working class. 

Across the commonwealth Virginians face eviction. They lack adequate healthcare access during a pandemic. Families struggle without paid sick leave. The systematic disempowerment of the labor movement has left our unions without adequate say in the working conditions of their members.

Join us as we tell our legislators unequivocally: 

  • We demand voting rights to formerly incarcerated people!
  • We demand extended eviction protections! 
  • We demand the removal of barriers to immigrants accessing healthcare!

Meet us at 11am at the Science Museum in Richmond for a socially-distanced picket line for housing, democracy, and healthcare for all! 

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