communities, not casinos

Richmond For All opposes the development of a casino in our city, as casinos prey on our poorest residents, transferring their money to the already-wealthy. We opposed the casino referendum as it came before City Council, and have now launched a canvassing campaign toward getting out the vote to defeat the casino in November. Find out more about our casino opposition effort below and get involved.


We’re canvassing weekly on Saturdays from 12PM to 2PM. Let’s get the word out and defeat the casino referendum! Go here to see a list of our upcoming canvasses and to sign up.

resources and media

Go here to view videos of public comment before City Council about the harms casinos enact on communities.

“It’s just not good for this city. You have individuals that are preyed upon; those that are making less than $50,000 a year, they’re the ones that are going to suffer in the long run.”

-Richard Walker

View and download our #CommunitiesNotCasinos canvassing literature at this link.

View and download an infographic about the monopolistic nature of Peninsula Pacific’s relationship to the ONE casino project at this link.