Richmond For All is a member-funded and member-governed organizing community. We don’t live single-issue lives and we don’t pick single-issue fights. Through collectivized resources we have power to choose the fights that represent our lived experiences. 

We rise together.

Richmond For All Member Pledge 

I am committed to changing Richmond for the better. I believe in building an equitable and just city for all, where we will do more than survive, we will thrive.  I am committed to supporting public institutions that benefit the many over the few. I believe in pro immigrant, pro black, pro LGBTQ, pro diversity policies. To achieve this end I will work to ensure that power is in the hands of the people, not special interests or corporations. I will support local electoral candidates endorsed by Richmond For All who best represent our policy platforms and ideals. I commit to be accountable to Richmond for All; to stand up, to speak up, to show up. To ensure that our campaigns and affirmed candidates have financial support I will actively contribute monthly dues of $2 or $12 as I am able. In action my work will center on: 

  • Fighting privatization of public resources
  • Contesting for power through municipal and state elections
  • Prioritizing policies that advance the needs of the working class
  • Advancing the work of an organization that is member-funded and member-led: unbought and unbossed

Step 1: Set up member dues

Pay dues as monthly installments ($2 or $12 monthly):

Pay dues annually ($24 or $144, no auto-debit):

Step 2: Complete our New Member Survey

Once you’ve committed to dues we invite you to complete our new member survey! This helps us get to know you a bit better and assess whether or not you’d like to volunteer.