Richmond For All’s Inaugural Leadership Cohort — Facilitated By Barbara Smith

Richmond For All is proud to announce our inaugural Leadership Cohort, facilitated by author, organizer, educator, and Black feminist scholar Barbara Smith. We can only do this type of focused leadership development with resources — will you become a Richmond For All Supporter today?

Barbara Smith, member of the legendary Combahee River Collective, founder of Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, and former elected official in Albany, New York, is leading our cohort of organizers, activists, and current and future elected officials in a process of political education and dialogue, strengthening their ability to lead. The Leadership Cohort is convening virtually once a month for a six month period, from March to August, 2021. We are grateful and honored to work with and learn from such an important freedom fighter, and we are excited to build leadership in this new way.

We know that in order to build lasting political power and sustainable coalitions, we need leaders. To have skilled, representative leaders, we need to invest in the development and growth of individuals who are committed to principled unity and shared political goals. Too often, opportunities to develop leadership skills and confidence are out of reach or controlled by interests at odds with our political goals. The RFA Leadership Cohort changes that.

This work deserves and needs to be funded. If you believe that movements need to be deliberate about training and investing in grassroots progressive leaders, become a Richmond For All supporter today.

Do you want to be part of an organization growing a multi-racial progressive movement through investment in grassroots leadership? Join Richmond For All and be part of this work.